Help is needed! The latest version of Ae is 17.0.1. Export, codecs and alpha channel.

Guys, good afternoon! Community help really needed!
I plan to download the first project, but I can’t solve the problem.
I have the latest version of After Effects 17.0.1, which supports only two types of codecs listed in the instructions: Apple ProRes 422, Apple ProRes 422 HQ. But these codecs do not support exporting video to the alpha channel. I would be grateful for your help!

Export quicktime ( “animation” codec) rgb + alpha.

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Yes, but you still need to choose a codec. My version supports two: Apple ProRes 422, Apple ProRes 422 HQ. When I select one of them, rgb + alpha becomes unavailable. In this case, only rgb or alpha is available.

“Apple ProRes 422” code does not support alpha channel. if you want to export alpha, select the animation or PNG codec

If you do not have any other codecs, change the software. Use licensed adobe products.

Interesting … I have a license, but the PNG codec is not listed. And the Animation codec is not allowed by Envata rules, if I am not mistaken.

![Screenshot 2019-12-25 at 12.54.49|690x335]!!

My motion gaphic videos have “animation codec”.
I haven’t uploaded a motion graphic file since 1 year.
I don’t know if the rules have changed. Please write article link about “animation codec”, it is useful for inexperienced authors.

I have now checked, they have finished PNG support for CC2019.

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Yes, this latest update did that. Perhaps for a video preview you do not need to use a codec with an alpha channel? And then I can use the codecs that are available to me, and which are necessary according to the rules of Envato ?! After all, I plan to do Ae projects, and so upload to stock. Perhaps the alpha channel is needed only for the final video products, but not needed for the video preview ?! Or maybe Envato did not have time to make an amendment to the rules, and you can use the codec Animation?

Do you install quucktime player in yout system

You should have Apple ProRes 4444. It supports alpha channel.
Also as an alternative, you may render alpha channel as a separate video (black and white matte).


I have IMac, therefore it is installed by default.

Still you can upload PNG to videohive, but you need to go back to CC 16 or previous to render out PNG codec, as secondfalse mentioned you can render out Apple prores 4444 with the latest After effects, but file size will be huge, sometimes even single clip comes in Gbs

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Since Apple stopped supporting PNG codec in their latest update month back, lots of issues with existing videohive projects might arise in future

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Many thanks!!! :slight_smile:

Hi! :raised_hand: I don’t see “ProRes 4444 with alpha” in the After-Effect of CC2019. Only “ProRes 4444”. I tried to render, but the resulting file turned out without an alpha channel.

But I see “ProRes 4444 with alpha” in Premiere Pro CC2019. I rendered and the result was positive.

Is this the solution we need to use? I don’t use Apple products, so I can’t check if this format works fine in macOS Catalina. And I wonder how I can render an element with an alpha channel from After Effects. Because it would be more convenient for me to render it from After Effects.
How do you render? Could you show screenshots? Please tell me more, if it’s not difficult for you?
And what about Quick Time Animation? Does it work in Catalonia? Or is it better to use ProRes 4444?
Thanks :slight_smile:

You can use Apple ProRes 4444 as the format but change the Video Output > Channels to “RGB + Alpha”

You was very close. :grinning:

I use Windows 10 and can’t say anything about macs. But as ProRes codec is an Apple product, I’m pretty sure it works great on any latest MacOS.
Envato do not support Quick Time Animation format.

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Oh! Thanks a lot! :+1: I’ll try this. As far as I understand, Apple is no longer supporting “PNG”. Because I thought that Apple no longer supports “RGB + Alpha”