Pleace help! 4k .mov whith alpha channel

hi! my new project has soft rejected with this mail… i upload my transitition with png sequence. after this mail i try to render transitition with quicktime but but i cant render .mov photo jpeg becouse hasnt alpha channels and h264 dont render 4k its change resolution to 2000x2000 pleace help what to do this is my first aproved file

  1. We do not accept image sequences. Please render as a .mov or .mp4 movie files. Please make sure you are using a codec such as h.264 or Photo-JPG, which will play across multiple formats. Please use an approved video codec.

Render QuickTime png format and chose rgb + alpha channel. That’s it :slight_smile:

ou but i think they üont only h264 or photo jpg )) thank u dear i just try )

If you check the ‘video encoding’ dropdown on the upload page, you’ll see the formats that are accepted. Quicktime PNG is there.

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Interesting question. I’ve had the same when i was render 4k resolution. 4k has been changed resolution to 2000x2000. Anyone know what we should to do with this problem?