Exporting 4k in after effects


I am building my first 4k after effects project. Im making some test to export the video and Ae crashes every time i try to render the comp. Any thoughts? Thank you


Do you have Multi Processing on? Turn it off and try to export again.


I’m in front my Ae so i go to test it. :slight_smile:


Not a problem with multiprocessing…but.i ve noticed its a h264 codec issue.ive choosed photojpeg and it seems works. At least dont crash at this moment… :slight_smile:


Oh yes, image sequence is always the way to go, especially with long renders :slight_smile: PNG Sequence with Alpha channels always work. You can even import them back into AE as sequence and it will be treated as if it’s one big video.


thanks buddy :–)


h264 does not support 4K resolution so Photo Jpeg is a good option.

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