Can't find H.264 option in after effects mexport module


after effects cs4.
when I try to export a movie I can’t seem to find the h.264 option there,. I tried to choose quicktime mov then choose the h.264 from there but it says I must choose it directly from the module rather than the quicktime options, here’s my module. Um do I need any 3rd party codec or stuff so that It will show up there?

thanks, our event is due tomorrow and I need these vids rendered T_T. and I also prefer the mp4 format for this




Choose QuickTime Movie and check what options the Format Options tab give you.

flashato said

Choose QuickTime Movie and check what options the Format Options tab give you.

thanks but as I said I already did that, ill try the k lit codec as instructed, thanks!


From your screenshot, I can tell that you’re running the trial version of After Effects CS5 or earlier, since none of the MPEG codecs are appearing. (H.264 is an MPEG-4 variation.)

To use the MPEG codecs, you need to activate your copy of After Effects.

Also, the advice to install the K-Lite codec pack is terrible advice. The K-Lite codec pack does a lot of damage to video software. That codec pack displaces other codecs and won’t allow them to be used by other software.

Note the warning on the K-Lite download here:

“Warning! If you install all the included codecs/decoders you might get problem with other video software on your computer.”

Heed that warning.


Always nice to see you on these forums, Todd.

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Thanks for the kind words.

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I agree for codec packs. Never install them, never. Install only codecs which you really need, separately one by one.


I didn’t know that thing about codecs. Thank you for your help mate. And sorry for my bad advice but it was from heart :slight_smile: