After Effects CC 2019 doesn't have Quick Time H264 format anymore

Hi guys. Does anybody know? After Effects CC 2019 doesn’t have Quick Time H264 format anymore. I attached screenshot here. So how can we now render in Quick Time using H264 codec? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance friends.

From what I know, Adobe removed support for direct H.264 output in AE, a couple of major versions ago…for compatibility with non-Apple devices.

But you can still render in H.264 format if you send the rendering to Adobe Media Encore, that one still has support for direct H.264 output. (In Adobe AfterEffects->File->Export to Adobe Media Encoder Queue->select H.264 in export settings select box)

Or you can use AfterCodecs plugin, this plugin will add .mp4 and .mov direct rendering formats in Adobe AfterEffects and in Adobe Premiere.

I am not a video expert though, I only do video editing for fun, so maybe the video experts will help further better. :hugs:


Awesome feedback Hevada. Thanx! God Bless You

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