Best way to provide video assets. H.264 or H.24 ? 🤔

  1. I think it is just mistake, isn’t it? H.24 encoding format I’v never seen. It should be H.264.

  2. And second question: What it means and what should i do when i render videos: video files they must be provided within a Quicktime MOV container

How to know my video is within a Quicktime MOV container or not?

Any help is very appreciated! :pray:

H.24 is wrong, should be H.264

PNG + Alpha is no longer accepted just so you know.

Quicktime is the container and Photo JPEG/PNG/ProRes is the codec, just like MP4 is the container and H.264 is the codec. So it’s possible to have Quicktime H.264 files and MP4 H.264 files.

Thank you for helping!


can you give a link to where you found the quoted paragraph?
I’m sure it is in the author help center but cannot find it. We can then report this page needs updating.

nevermind, I found it.


Can you please forward this to the correct person, this page needs updating as outlined by SpaceStockFootage above.