Item soft rejected, need help understanding the suggested inprovement

Hi guys, I really need someone to let me know if I’m missing something here. Hope someone can shed some light.

I dont really want to post it but here is the item:
AND this was the reviewer’s comment: You need to expand non-essential elements into the bleed here.

I dont see this element that I have to expand into the bleed. None of the elements are anywhere close to the border of the page.
I had a layer that hides the bleed. So I made that layer not visible thinking that was the problem. But when I resubmitted it got hard rejected and I was told to change the soft rejected one based on the initial comments.

I now realise that the soft rejected itemis now semi uploaded on the hidden items tab. Are they saying that I should just resubmit through there? Or there still is something wrong with the bleed? I’m scared if i resubmit as is theyll just scrap the item.

Please help.

Never mind guys. I think I have my answer here. How do you close a thread? :slight_smile:

I have the same problem, what was it about?