Item soft rejected but feedback link is broken

Hi guys,

I have let the support staff know about it but the wait time is 4 - 5 days. Need suggestion if there is something else i can do while i wait for staff reply to fix this issue soon.

One of my item got soft rejected and received a mail with a link to screenshot which has the feedback to fix the issue. but that screenshot link is broken and i cannot know what was the reviewers feedback and fix the issue and resubmit my item. My item is in soft reject status from almost 15 days because of some email issues.

2 things i wanna request envato.

  1. Feedback on envato site instead of emails. email’s can get long and messy.
  2. Feedback from reviewers should have screenshots upload feature to easily give feedback.

This way if someone miss out on an email the feedback will be available on envato site and if a wrong link is the message it will instantly show a X or something that the link is broken. This will help many to get their items move through the queue faster.

My question now…

How to I contact the reviewer and let him know that the link is not working and send me new link.