Item Rejection Feedback

Hello and thank you for letting me be part of your community. I’ve started uploading music on audiojungle about a month ago and I’ve had some approved items since then. But the song I’m about to post got rejected yesterday and I’m not really sure I understand the reasons. I would love to improve my work so any feedback is appreciated.


Hello! Please indicate the reason for the rejection of my track.

is a very tiring type of composition … the repetition is making the music bad … ( DenSa2015 )

the guitars are very high
may have been the reason for the rejection …( PrototipStudio )

I think you have to start your own thread for item feedback. But since you’re here, your track is repetitive and kinda weird. You don’t have to make it 3 minutes long and repeat the same elements endlessly. Keep it short and interesting.

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Thanks for the feedback! High as in high frequencies or loud in the mix?

loud in the mix :wink:

yea, maybe it’s all a bit rough for AJ. otherwise I think it could’ve been a nice tune. i hate the fact that i can’t fix it and reupload it though

I am quite new and still learning exactly what the reviewers here are looking for, but I’ll give my thoughts.
The beginning feels like a happy folk ukulele song, then the distorted guitar comes in at 20s and feels a bit overwhelming. You may have more luck switching this out for an acoustic guitar or something and uploading to the folk/acoustic section.

Also not too sure about that vocal sample, a bit repetitive and unatural.

Yes I think you’re right, it does change kinda drastically. Thanks for the feedback and good luck with the uploads!