Item rejected. Need trained ears


I might of slightly underestimated the quality level required to upload here, and the first songs I uploaded here where perhaps not the best. I just got four full rejects. That´s a perfect 4/4. But I´m more motivated than ever.

Id like someone to listen to this song and comment on it. I feel it could have some kind of commercial viability, so I cant say myself whats really wrong. Its fairly short though, is that it? Perhaps it ends very abruptly? The fade-out was to fast, or actually is was different for different instruments so the strings rang longer than the brass. The mixing is not that good maybe. At the end there is a moment of strong dissonance. Is that kind of thing not favored?

(Sorry for the empty space at the end. I don`t reckon that was the reason why it got rejected…)


When going for the epic orchestra genre you have to have a realistic sounding instrument library. Here the brass, though not terrible, are not realistic enough to get accepted on AJ.

There are also weird volume drops at some points throughout the track (at 0:45 and other places). And the volume swell at the end sounds too artificial. The volume issues need to be addressed.

Total length is perfect for AJ though.

Composition wise maybe the track lacks a little direction and variation (the brass section is too prominent all the time), but to me it’s not as much an issue as the production aspect.

Personally, I always try to put myself in the place of the consumer of music and trust the very first sensation from the track. If the music makes you listen carefully, try to understand the harmony, the structure of the track, then the track will not be commercially suitable. Don’t complicate the track, don’t make intricate chord progressions, rhythmic patterns. For many authors it is a blow to their creative egoism, but “the simpler = the better.” There is nothing more difficult than writing simple music)) I agree with the previous post, you need to select instruments with a more realistic sound, modern libraries give such opportunities. Cheers!

Im completely wet behind the ears, and maybe might have been using the libraries wrong. But I use CineBrass Core and Pro libraries. These are supposed to be high end libraries I had understood. Although now that you say it, the lead Trumpet does sound a little, meh. Did you refer to this in particular? I really find that the low brass is good, no?

I’m no expert on high end libraries, so I couldn’t tell you. But good libraries can sound bad when not properly programmed. Maybe it’s just the mix. But the low brass sounds flat to me. It’s just my opinion though, it’s not worth much.

Are you using volume changes for the dynamics? If so that’s not the way to get it sound realistic. Use modulation and expression instead. Start with modulation to get the sound right and strengthen the dynamics with expression. Then after that you can fiddle with volume to balance the mix.

Cool, I appreciate the advice!