Never been so Rejected...I need feedback guys :)

Hi there!!
I’ve never been so rejected…item after item…even if I am using the same quality samples and mood and skills of other approved of mine, in the same category…it seems I can’t make anymore.
Can you guys give me a feedback or address my to other places?
Big hugs everyone! (ps- of course sales = 0 ) :slight_smile:

Great work! Rejections are discouraging, but keep it up!

First track: Intro strings - composition is good, but I don’t like the samples. What library are you using?
First part of the track is really top heavy, almost like it had a highpass.
When the main part comes in, it’s a little too busy. I really like the drums, but with everything together it’s chaotic. Also, it may be my headphones, but I’m hearing some distortion.

Second Track: I think it’s really good! I liked this one! I just don’t really like the string samples again. They’re too top heavy, and not very warm. Also, try varying the velocities on your piano. The chords are a bit too blocky.


Distortion confirmed in the first track at 1:48

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Thanks for listening and your time!
well I am using NI symphony series strings…I’ve been using this library with other cinematic/epics already approved…so I thought it was good enough for them, I could switch to 8dio Adagietto strings maybe, and try a warmer reverb (I used Valhalla /golden plate, could try some other)
The distortion…I think it’s the drum loop I layered, it has this kind of resonaces…I though to give some character but probably it’s not helping, I should remove it altogether…
Second track…thanks I’m glad you like it, I will definitely re-play the piano part more dynamically…!
thank you I’ll fix it and see what happens!

PS- by “top heavy” you mean too much hi end?

yes I think it’s the drum loop…thank you for listening, I’ll take it away