Item discount on the first week?

Hi guys,
When we publish a new item, is that possible to make a discount on it?
Then we are going to price up after the discounts end

first week %20 discount : $24
orginal price: $30

No, you can only after the first 3 months

That’s incorrect. @matthewcoxy mentioned there is no such limitation.

hi, the part i do not understand is this

For example if you reduce your item’s price by 50% and promote this as a
“50% discount” or “Save $10 - originally $20”, you must have actually
offered the item at the original price for a reasonable period of time.
Continuously advertising your item at a “sale”, “discount”, or
“introductory" price is also illegal, as after a reasonable period of
time the discounted price will have effectively become the item’s
regular selling price, and so to continue to promote it as a “discount”
would be misleading and deceptive.

discount or introductory price ? what is introductory ? and also " you must have offered the item at regular price for a resonable time. "

those 2 things are not clear and i think that is where it is hard to understand

So, let’s say your item costs 100$, right? When you announce a discount you must say the amount of money you discount. For example

NOT okay: Save 50% off item X
Okay: Save 50% of Item X ( that’s a 50$ discount )

You must mention what value you are discounting, not just the percentage! :slight_smile:

and what about this line ? if lets say you put 60$ and 2 day later sale 20$ save 40$ what is suppose to be a resonable time ?

I saw plenty authors discount for one day only, so yes, I believe it’s okay! I think unreasonable time means selling to one customer or having a sale for 10 minutes or a hour. That really sounds weird,

are we reading the same text ? " you must have actually
offered the item at the original price for a reasonable period of time. " that have nothing to do with your explanation in my point of view.

Oh! Sorry! I misunderstood your point. I would let the item on sale for a week or two then I would discount. Two weeks sounds reasonable. 20 minutes, 2 hours, 2 days sounds unreasonable! :smiley:

thanks for helping understand i think evanto should pay professional to make rules more clear.

They already are doing that, it’s called a legal team and terms need to be explained in certain ways… Glad to have helped! :slight_smile:

But they have messaged author of that 120+demos for $19 to change the item price to original one and keep it for 3 months and then to advertise discount.

Mathew here speaks only about item price change not advertising the discount.

@matthewcoxy do you know anything about this? Envato contacting authors with a 3 month waiting period before a discount can happen?