Clarifications Needed: Envato promotional pricing terms

Please I need clarification in other to understand this promotional pricing proper.

For newly published items:

  1. The item may not be advertised as having a “discounted” or “sale” price within the first thirty (30) days after launch (the “Item Launch Period ”).

  2. The item may be advertised as having a lower “introductory” price when launched, but only if:

  • the reference to “introductory” pricing lasts no longer than the Item Launch Period (ie, thirty (30) days ); and
  • at the time of launch, you intend for the price to truly be introductory only and you have an honest intention to increase the price after the Item Launch Period.


  1. Generally speaking, the item should not have been sold at or below the Promotional Price at any time before the new promotion, except in the case of previous promotions.

For example, if an item was sold for an Original Price of $50, you can’t change the Original Price of that item to $300 and then offer a Promotion Price of $150 (50% off). The item was previously sold at a full price ($50) lower than the Promotional Price.

**Where I need Clarification **

From No 2, I understand that I can have a product I want sale for 100$, but for the first 30 days, I want to sale as at 50$ giving a 50% discount as Introductory offer

From No4, I understand that if I list an item for 100$, then after few months, I changed the price to 200$, then after 30 days or more I can’t give 50% discount again since I’ve previously sold this item for 100$.

Here is my question

  1. During product upload, does envato has a field for ‘Introductory Price’ ?

  2. If no, how would specify that I want to sell a product for 50$ as an introductory offer and change to 100$ after 30 days?

  3. Since I first published the item for 50$ as an introductory offer, would this prevent me from giving discount of 50% when I have raised the price to $200 in the future. Ie. List for $50 (introductory offer), changed price to 100$ after 30 days ($original price), then raise price to 200$ after 6 months (new price).

Can I give a discount in the 8th month for 50% ($100) ? (Referencing rule 4)

Cc: @charlie4282

Ask Envato Author Support

Firs thing it is not about the ‘introductory’/‘Promotion Price’. It is about the discounted/sale price using the Author Discounted tools. Using this tools the discounted item will get a ‘Sale’ badge.

No, envato don’t have this features tools.

You are allowed to use graphics in the Inline preview image (590x300 px) to mention this price is ‘introductory’/‘Promotion Price’. You are allowed max 25% space of the Inline preview image to mention ‘introductory’/‘Promotion Price’. Also you can add an image in the product descriptions.

For this you have to continue your price 200$ for the few consecutive months and you don’t have any intention to change the price again to 100$. Mean simply you are not allowed to increase the item’s price only for to gain more sale by offering 50% discount through a dishonest way. You have to continue the same price for consecutive months to offer a ‘discounted’/‘Sale’ price.

To be more clear please contact envato Author support.