Add promo price option with countdown


This is a proposition of the option promo price limited with time (1day, 2days, 3days, 7days)
for some items to sell on codecanyon. (this option may appear only when update an item, not on the first create)

Like this, the buyers can see the real price (the discount %) and motivate them to take the opportunities.

I hope that the developers in Envato take care about this option. most used in markets well known like Aliexpress and Amazon.

An interesting idea, I would also like to see the discount time on the envato market :envato:

It might be tricky given that prices are set and not controlled by authors and I imagine writing some form of automated adjustment into the profiles would not be that straight forward.

@BenLeong discussed some potentially upcoming discount features here Envato feature sugges: Items on discount