Please anyone help out on item discount

Hello everyone,

Please, anyone, help me out how to set a discount on the item.



Thank you replying me, i tried a lot of time but i saw the error, please help me

To be eligible for a discount, an item must have had the same price for at least 30 consecutive days. More information.

So, had your item the same price for 30 consecutive days?

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Don’t change the item price “manually” for 30 days. After that you can change the price using discount.

You mean first set the price for example $17 for days, wait for 30 days then i will eligible for discount?

First, set you original price to be 30 days the same.
When the 30 days pass, you can set discount price which you want using Discounting Tool.

For example, your original price is $20 - set $20 for item to be in next 30days. After that, using Discounting Tool you can select 20% off and your item will be then promoted with $16 price.

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Ok i understand now. thank you very much CocoBasic…

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