Italian Envato meetup!

Hey everyone! Ciao ragazzi!

A few months back there’s been an Envato meetup in Northern Italy, I heard it was great and I was so bummed I couldn’t go. But as I’m coming back to Italy for a few months, it would be awesome to organise another one!
I’ve been talking to the super awesome @Xylote who’s already on top of everything in terms of location and planning, and most of all, has created this amazing banner to welcome me back to my beloved home country :joy:


We’re thinking mid-to-late September for the dates, and Mestre as a location (same as the previous meetup). Details still to be confirmed but if we could get an idea of how many people would be interested, that would help a lot!

UPDATE: Dates and location are now confirmed! Join us on September 17th at Kofler - Mestre (VE) :tada:
Click here to register to the event!

Looking forward to catching up with y’all!

A presto! :pizza: :flag_it: :sunny:


Looking forward to see you again.
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We need to choose the date, please vote till July 31:

A. Saturday 10 September 2016
B. Saturday 17 September 2016


PS. Thank you @partidibambola for the awesome presentation!

10 September is ok fo me! :slight_smile:

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Come on guys…again so far… is there someone that can arrange a meetup closer to Rome ???

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ah! I’ll be in Italy jul-august, would love to see all ya guys.

Nice idea !

Split in Croatia is slightly closer. I’m up for there.

Seriously … is there a chance for a meet up that can be easy also for the people that live at central Italy ?

In fact a meet up in the central Italy can be the right place for both North and South members…

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We will do even a meetup there, but for now most of the members are from North.
Please specify your location so we can see that can have a good number for a future meetup.

No problem to have a future meetup even around Rome! The only problem is to find a good pizza and beer :slight_smile:

PS. meanwhile if you want you can find other 3-4 authors around Rome and come by car (5 hours of “private meetup” and exchange of experience :slight_smile: or you can choose a fast train (3 hours).

Hi @Xylote @partidibambola,

I am very happy to hear this.
it was a wonderful experience the last meetup and I would also be present in this!

On 10 September I have a wedding and I can not be there. For this reason I hope that the majority is for 17 September.

Me and Giulia who works with me we will both be present for 17 September.

Hi to everyone :slight_smile:

Meetup: I vote for 17 September! You?

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August guys please, I’m coming from Georgia, will be staying in Udine from Jun-1 to Aug 31

Hi, For me both 10 and 17 can be fine :wink::v::flag_it:

and southern one also lol i have an italian friend fron southern italy i guess he would be joining more easily if it were in central or southern italy lol

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Also for me 10 and 17 will be fine…i suppose the place is always on the North ?

Hi! I’m from Belluno

Hi @realthing!
After this one the next one will be closer to Rome, near Florence.

We’ve decided the date for now 17 September (Mestre).
Soon the page for the subscription at the event will be available.

Also, I would like to remember everyone that Special Guest @partidibambola from Envato staff will be there. You can’t miss this one! :slight_smile:

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