Envato Meetup in Northern Italy

Hello everyone, I’m planning to setup an Envato Meetup in Northern Italy. Before submitting to Envato the plan and the Meetup Kit I wanted to post some questions here so I can find the best location.

Based on the locations of each author I will arrange the Meetup somewhere in Lombardia, Veneto or Emilia Romagna trying to find the shorter distance for everyone.

If you want to come please list here the following info so we can setup the month, day, hour and place to meet.

  1. Your location (Town & Code)?
  2. Envato Username and link to your profile
  3. Is Saturday ok for you?
  4. Lunch or Dinner?
  5. What region do you prefer: Lombardia, Veneto, Emilia Romagna or is not important?
  6. What month do you prefer: February or March?
  7. Pizza&Beer or Meat&Wine?

Thank you!

Update 16-12-2015:
Kofler Birrerie Mestre
Veneto -> Via Ospedale, 7, 30174, Mestre (VE)
Date: Saturday 19 March 2016
Lunch from 12:00 to 15:00 (we must meet at 11:45 at the entrance)
Pizza and Beer/Coke :pizza: :beer:
Parking available (@SpaceStockFootage or others that come by airplane/train: if you need a ride I can come to pick you up, just let me know 2 weeks before - limit of 3).

We will speak about our experience in Envato and various techniques to increase sales.

If you can please confirm your attendance.

Grazie a tutti! :smile:

Kind regards,
Daniel Macovei

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  1. Malaga, Spain
  2. SpaceStockFootage http://videohive.net/user/spacestockfootage
  3. Yes
  4. Dinner
  5. Venice first choice, Milan second.
  6. March
  7. All

Do you think I can learn Italian in five months?

“Il mio aeroscivolante è pieno di anguille”

Vicenza, Veneto
indieground http://graphicriver.net/user/indieground
Lunch and Dinner
Veneto… Venezia would be cool for everyone I guess

@SpaceStockFootage no, but you can learne Veneto’s dialect, which is similar to spanish :smiley:

  1. Valeggio Sul Mincio (Verona)
  2. mountainthemes
  3. yep
  4. Lunch & Dinner
  5. Veneto
  6. Febbraio
  7. Pizza BUONA
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In just an afternoon, with 10 beers and me as a teacher !

  1. Trieste
  2. DoubleLion http://audiojungle.net/user/doublelion
  3. ok
  4. Lunch (unless everybody is planning to stay overnight? after lunch there is plenty of time for polishing all the taking over the world cooperative plans)
  5. Veneto
  6. March
  7. Pizza (no-meat-eater :stuck_out_tongue: )

Me no speaks Italian either. :wink:

  1. Lecce, Puglia;
  2. MatteoGianfreda http://graphicriver.net/user/matteogianfreda ;
  3. Ok;
  4. Lunch or Dinner, it doesn’t matter;
  5. Milan, Lombardia;
  6. March;
  7. Pizza & Beer;

@SpaceStockFootage since you are spanish it would be easy for you to learn italian indeed :smile:

I’m British, but I speak a bit of Spanish! Speak a bit of Greek as well, and Italy is half way between the two, so I should be all good… in theory.

Può parlare più lentamente, non parlo molto bene italiano. Pagherà tutto questa signora.


I see that Venice is the winner until now. :grinning:

Ahhhh can you wait until August? :smiley: Would LOVE to join but I’m in Australia - will be visiting family in Biella (Piemonte) in August next year…

it takes years to speak a language fluently buddy lol neppure puoi provare se lo vuoi lol

u are already quite proficient in many languages , that’s really good. I guess u learnt italian a bit at university or something. As for me i am a bit rusty with both spanish and italian indeed, molto tempo fa che non ho studiato l’italiano, che non ho potuto scrivere , parlare e leggere in italiano …

too bad i won’t be able to travel there and meet u my friend :wink:

Envato Username - WorldMusic
Is Saturday ok for you? - YES
Lunch or Dinner? - Both :wink:
What region do you prefer- VENETO
February or March are both ok!
Pizza & 2 Beer of course!

Thanks :smile:

  1. Venezia
  2. Mothinkers (http://videohive.net/user/mothinkers)
  3. Saturday: OK
  4. Same
  5. Veneto, could be Lombarida too
  6. Same
  7. Whatever, but it has to be good :grinning:

Your location (Town & Code)? VITTORIO VENETO
Envato Username and link to your profile MOHVE
Is Saturday ok for you? YEP
Lunch or Dinner? SAME
What region do you prefer: Lombardia, Veneto, Emilia Romagna or is not important? VENETO, VENICE
What month do you prefer: February or March? SAME
Pizza&Beer or Meat&Wine? SAME

Your location (Town & Code)? VENICE
Envato Username and link to your profile: PIETROGIRARDI
Is Saturday ok for you? YEP
Lunch or Dinner? DINNER

What region do you prefer: Lombardia, Veneto, Emilia Romagna or is not important? VENETO, VENICE - I live in the historical center so I can search for a good (& easy to reach) pizzeria, if you wish :wink:

What month do you prefer: February or March? MARCH
Pizza&Beer or Meat&Wine? PIZZA & BEER

Lol, take a plane and reach us m8 :smiley:

Venice seems to be the winner at the moment btw.

wowwwww, i would like to because it sounds cool to see fellow italians there and especially u my friend , but i am afraid that i really need to increase my sales (maybe x100) for this indeed lol