It became a big problem to reject the excellent items and accept the weak elements for reasons we do not know ???

Ok,i understand the reasons for why some items needs to be rejected but seriously now, you can’t possibly tell me that you can reject items so easy without giving at least some basic explanations.I created 5 items.4 of them where rejected.Im here for quite some time now and is either Graphic River changed drastically or the reviewers don’t care much about how much work is involved in the creation of new designs.If all my items were rejected why I can see some seriously “bad” designs being accepted everyday?Is there a glitch on the review process or something?Its about how moody the reviewer is?Because,i honestly don’t understand anymore.Just,give a little hint when you reject an item.At least we will have some idea of what you need.That automated email just make things worst.

I understand your feeling, none of my templates have been accepted as well
Reviewers are human as we are, preferences are different, so I can’t complain about that, even about the automated email, because they are quite busy with many templates, and it’s very hard to write explanation for every rejected template
But, what I’m thinking is … I’ve been working in wedding video editing business for many years, I need to update my own templates for using in wedding videos every 2 months (at least), I can’t use the same templates with the same song for every wedding, my employers wouldn’t accept that
I say, for example there are many wedding editors here who needs to have a different (even slightly) template with different music to use in their videos, when there are many rejected and few accepted templates, their choices are few

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especialy, when you have an automatic answer like this:

“When reviewing footage, we take into consideration a number of factors. A few of these factors is the composition of a shot, how it is framed, and how these factors effect the overall quality and usefulness of the clip. We feel as though the way this shot is composed that its usefulness is very limited.”

reviewer better than enyone know’s the usefulnes of your Item.

To say something - provide links to video previews of rejected items.


dude just trust him. They’re excellent items. It was never the case that an author overestimates their abilities.


Love your comments xD

I was on the edge to write something spiky to him because, I guess, I saw one of his “works”…and then: “why the hell I’m writing here?” but it was too late xd

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I don’t want a defense lawyer for envato

So what is this topic about? It can’t be constructive without previews, because previews are points of discussion here