These items were not accepted

Hello colleagues!
Please give your opinion. For the last month, I’ve only received rejections. All works from the mockup category. Here are a few of them.

Same situation. It’s like submissions are being reviewed by an AI. Rejections (as well as approvals) are arbitrary and do not relate to the quality of items or the amount of work put into them.
The “changes required” tab has not been used once in the past 5+ months. It’s either “rejected” or “approved”.
Items accepted on GR are rejected on EE and vice versa. It’s become very frustrating to develop anything new for either platforms. I can submit anything i want to Creative Market with no review process, and i get it published on Dribbble at the same time.


I’ve had fewer rejections in 6 years than in the last month.


It started last May with GR and June on EE for me.
Judging by the examples above, i think your work is amazing.

thanks bro,
I think that rejects are not related to the quality of the items.
I see the latest accepted works of other authors and can objectively assess the situation.
But I still can’t solve this puzzle.

@StreetD i’m having same issues but in logos and web design.
Have you tried to upload again? Did you fix what it was wrong? I’m still not sure what it is that i’m doing wrong because i’m using same quality / same way to save files.

For myself, I made certain conclusions and continue to work. Several of my recent items have been accepted. Unfortunately, we are not given a reason for the rejections. Of course, I would like more information from the rewiev team … but the realities are different now.