Issue with file rendering

Hey guys, I want to ask you about a problem with the file renderings. I’ve received now the third soft rejection in a row. The reviewer told me, that my files do not have the right format.
I’ve checked all my files for the right sample rate and bit rate - it looks all fine.
All, what I’ve done, is re-rendering my files with the exactly same setings and in the second review they got approved. I don’t know, wha’s going wrong in the first rendering, I am a bit confused.
The thing is, that I have a lot more items in the review queue and I do not hope, that the reviewers think, that want to annoy them.
Has anyone of you noticed the same issue?

i had forgot sometimes to change that. I usually works in 24/48000…

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Always 44,1 kHz / 16 bit and compression 320 kb/s. And I never changed it. That confusing me.

I don’t understand what can happen to you??? I use the same parameters you quote! And I’ve never encountered that problem. I hope that everything will be in order for you as soon as possible…
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