Soft Reject confusion

Totally confused by this soft reject. Any ideas please? I’ve been uploading tracks for 12 years so you’d think I’d be ok by now. :thinking: Also, would it be too much to ask for the reviewers to give us a specific reason? :woozy_face:

The track is titled “Echoes of the Past - Part 2”. At first I thought it might be the title, but I already had “Echoes of the Past - Part 1” accepted.


According to the comment, it should be the format. It happened to me a few times. Double check that all WAV files are at 44 16 Stereo (sometimes I produce at 48 24 and forget to render at 44; and if you included MP3, make sure it’s in 320kbps.

Also, the compressed file should be always a ZIP. I’m sure you know all of this perfectly but I’d give it a check just in case.


Thanks Wormwood music. I’ll double check. I might have overlooked something. :notes::+1:

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Sample rates are fine 320kbps MP3s - 16 bit and 44.1 Mb wav. :thinking:

The only other things I can think is that I’ve labeled the files slightly differently to the title. The track title is “Echoes of the Past - Part 2” but the actual files are labelled “Echoes of the Past (part 2)”. Maybe that’s it, even though I did the same for Part 1 and it was accepted. :interrobang:

Yes, it’s insane. Maybe the parentheses??? Who knows? The weird thing is that the reviewer says it’s a format issue… I’ve been soft rejected for using numbers in the tags (while TONS of my tracks have numbers in the tracks and I see many tracks accepted with numbers among their keywords), and for 2 word tags as well, like “lo fi”. Again, I see hundreds of tracks accepted daily with multi word tags, so they obviously have no standard.

If all formats are correct, I guess you just tubled upon the wrong reviewer. Maybe try removing the paragraphs or just re-upload. I’m not sure, to be honest…

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I think I’ll just give up if it doesn’t get through again. :woozy_face:

You need to change title - Echoed Of The Past 2. Caps are needed and no “- Part 2” allowed. There is link about item title rules, you can read it


Name formatted in a wrong way.

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Thanks LumenMedia. I’ll change it to “Echoes Of The Past 2”. If that fails I’ll try and upload the whole 26 minute piece as one complete part.

Hooray! It’s finally been accepted. :notes::+1:


Thanks LumenMedia.