Audiojungle Music Hard Rejected

Helllo everybody,
I need help with a Music hard rejection - corporate category.
I’ve commissioned the mixing and the mastering of my music to a professional sound engineer respecting the features mentioned in the guidelines (320Kbps/44.1kHz/16-Bit stereo WAV or MP3).
I’ve sent the file to Audiojungle for review but they rejected it providing only the following statement:
"This submission does not meet our general commercial production (mixing/mastering/sample quality) standard, unfortunately."
As I can understand, the file rejection concern the Standard Quality of my files;
I’d like to know which are the standards our files doesn’t respect.
I really don’t understand, could someone help me please?


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How should we give a feedback without hearing the track? :laughing: You can attach the preview or upload it to soundcloud…

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I think, as the reviewers of AJ are simply not able to give a particular reason for rejecting tracks because of the amount of tracks they have to review, they use only the two predefined reasons, when rejecting a track (mixing/mastering and commercial). Although it is always disappointing to receive a rejection, I do not take that too seriously.

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Thanks for the replies!
You can listen a preview of the track here
Anyway the point is: If AJ reject an item telling you that your file doesn’t respect the STANDARDS, I wonder which are those standards and I think Aj MUST provide those specs, if not how could I solve my problem? Maybe the problem is in the file format? I’ve send only the .WAV and not the .MP3.
Please help me

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Hi @FOXYAudio could you kindly check the file I’ve attached to this topic to give me a feedback? thanks so much!

Hey @monkeilab. Is there a time streched clap/percussion loop in the track? It’s not easy to give a feedback with an only 18s sample of the preview, but from what I hear that sound is definitely a rejection issue…

@FOXYAudio thanks a lot for the reply. I’ve uploaded here a longer version of my file! Now I’ve asked to my sound engineer if he has timestreched the clap beats and he said he doesn’t. Do You heard something unusual in the track?
I’m wondering which are the main mastered files specs? It’s 320Kbps/44.1kHz/16-Bit stereo WAV or MP3 ok?
And I’ve sent only the WAV version and not the mp3 … could this is a rejection cause?
Thanks again

Wrong file type would only lead to a soft reject. The reason for hard reject could be sound quality (mixing/samples/mastering) or composition/arrangement or both. As long as you don’t provide the whole track its hard for people to give you any feedback.

@Hyperprod thanks for the reply! I’ve uploaded the full track (1 ’ 27")
Here . I’ve
created 3 files one with the main track and 2 with the main loops of the
song. I Hope this helps you to give me further feedback about the track.

@Hyperprod thanks for the reply! Here I’ve uploaded the full track (1 ’ 27"). I’ve created 3 files one with the main track and 2 with the main loops of the song. I Hope this helps you to give me further feedback about the track.

P.s. Sorry for the previous message by Enrico_Chiaromonte - a gmail sending address issue

To my ears, most of the issues are in the drums & percussion department: The claps are way too loud and the pattern is a bit off. The kick drum is pitched way too low and/or is the wrong kick sample and/or is over-processed for this particular track. The shakers could also come down in volume as well. With the proper drums and percussion, in my opinion, the track would probably be accepted. Other people may well find additional issues, but those were the ones that jumped out at me.

In the future, I would not recommend hiring external mixing and mastering engineers for Audiojungle music. Unless you manage to create a monster hit, the cost/benefit ratio to justify that expense just isn’t there. The overwhelming majority of AJ authors mix and master their own material, and you should learn to do so as well. They are absolutely necessary skills for anyone hoping to succeed in stock music. Good luck!

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+1 to what @EightBallAudio said. And in addition to that you really need to make a proper ending to the track, now it sounds like you just stopped in the middle of a bar.

I agree with @EightBallAudio. Also, the first ‘Audiojungle’ is obviously edited, I’m not sure why you or the person who mixed/mastered it needed to edit it. Probably only this couldn’t be the reason of the hard reject, just soft reject. Good luck!

Hello! Help me please understand why my track was not accepted? I approve of any criticism, do not be shy :slight_smile:

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My music kit, based on THIS TRACK has been hard rejected. Reviewer does not tell me a reason of rejection. Can I submit full kit to anybody experienced to discover the reason of rejection? Thanks.

Any feedback on this rejected track ?
Escucha Short Film 3 de Diego Murga Zamalloa en #SoundCloud

Thanks !!