is this theme deserve to be hard rejected?


got my WP theme hard rejected due to design and its very disappointing.

appreciate true feedback from community for my theme


I’d say it’s too close to your pic booth item under a different name with very slight layout changes.

Why create it as a separate item? You would have a much better chance of creating a WP version of an existing HTML template

Hi @venbradshaw, for me personally the typography needs improvement - you have three fonts (Sen, Monoton, Comfortaa) with several weights used for each one. In an otherwise clean design and layout, I think it’s too much.

And a few technical details:

The styling of the main navigation when viewed in mobile feels a little unfinished.
The navigation toggle button looks not quite right and doesn’t go with the rest of the design. Same goes for the nav-items and sub-items - it’s not clear which is a dropdown item, which is not. What is strange is that different styles are applied on different pages for the dropdowns (inconsistency).

In the testimonials page, behind every testimonial item, there is a background image visible, but only like 5% of the image, just the edges. I don’t know if this was intentional and if so - what is the purpose of the image?
This is just my opinion but I think these little problems (which add up) may be the reason for the rejection.

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Yes, I did first create the Picbooth WP theme but they did the hard rejection for that for design only :frowning: you can see HTML template is already got 110 sale and that shows that my design was good enough to publish in WordPress category.

and due to hard rejection of picbooth, I did try to change the layout completely and tried to publish in WordPress category with new name pew. I did not think it would be hard rejected again, very disappointing.


appreciate your feedback and I would surely check for points you wrote.
still i feel its too much for this one to be a hard rejected.