is this allowed within the licence?


I’m building a site for an event management company who want each event to have it’s own 1-page site on a sub-domain of their main domain so, for example, there might be ‘’, ‘’ etc.

Each of the 1 page sites will use the same template but with different content injected from a database depending on the sub-domain used to access the site.

Is this allowed or would I need a licence for each sub-domain?

Also, do Envato decide this or the template author?


Hey Martin!

I’m not a license expert, but that sounds like a single website/project to me. But please open a Help Ticket to talk to the real experts if you like :smiley:

Hi KingDog,

That was my first thought, but at I couldn’t find anywhere to raise a ticket, has this option been removed?


You’ll need to select something in the drop down menu before you can add more information to the Help ticket.

Many thanks, found it now.