Licensing Question for Website Templates


I have read through the regular and extended licensing terms. I want to make sure I understand what I can do. I have a small web design business that has mostly focused on custom design. Since covid our business has slowed down, a lot. I am wanting to start offering some cheaper options for prospective clients. I would like to have some templates that might appeal to those with lower budgets. I understand with the regular license I would not actually be selling them the template but rather my services to set it up for them and once complete the license and files are transferred to them. I understand that for every new client I need to purchase a new license. In order to be able to sell this service I will obviously need to be able to show a prospective new client some template options. I do not want to send them to your website, and I also would like for them to be able to organically find them on my website. What I want to do is purchase maybe 4 templates from you and set them up on our server changing out all the images and content with our own. I would like to set up a template offerings page on our website with screen shots of the templates that link over to the working websites I set up on our server.

Can I do that?


You can do that but:

  • as you said, you will need one license per website

  • you will need to do more than just change content and images. It needs to be part of a bigger and more bespoke product

  • you should make 100% certain that you tell the client the truth that it is a stock theme or template even if you are not linking them to envato.