is there any limit to the views we get on our End Product video?

I had read that there a certain limit to the streams and episode we can have when we use a Sound/Music from Audio Jungle.

Is there any limit for video and graphics as well? Does the Licence from Envato Elements allow me to make an intro that would be used for multiple videos on YouTube/Instagram and get millions of views?

My clients will use those intros (that has graphics, sounds and templates) multiple times for their channel and they’ll get millions of views. Is there any limit to the views and re-uploads for my End product (End product has graphics, videos, stock footage and sounds I got from Envato)?

I’m really confused about this.

Intro is one end product you created with the video. It can be used many times but only for 1 youtube channel. If you decide make completely another intro with previously used video, after 1 year passed for example, you need to purchase a license again.

The end product will be used only by a single person, same channel/account but in multiple videos. It will be used for commercial purposes too. This is allowed with a single license right?

and after a year, should I just generate a new license?


Not necessary if you will not change or modify the intro. You pay for the license only once, and you can use product created with it forever within the accepted ways