I need help understanding the limits of the Standard License

Hi everyone! I need some help understanding the Standard License limits in some specific type of product:

I will be uploading 18 videos in Youtube, Instagram and possibly Facebook. They all share a thematic link between them, but they are not part of a “series” per se. They will follow this structure:

1 - Intro (with a licensed song)
2 - Interview video (same subject overall, but discussing a different point in every video), with another licensed song in the background
3 - Outro (same song as the intro)

While searching in this forum i found out that if the intro is exactly the same in all videos, that is considered “1 Product” and i need to buy only 1 license for it.

With all that said, i’m still very confused about the limits of the license. My questions are:

  • The intro, in those circumstances, is really considered “1 Product”? Do i need only 1 license?
  • There are any limitations for uploading the same videos in multiple sites? (Youtube, Instagram, etc…). Do i need 1 license for each site?
  • The background song (item 2) needs 1 license per video, considering that the interview changes, or not?

Hello @razabu

Yes, the intro can be considered one end product as long as you don’t make changes to it for each video. Therefore, you only need one license.

No, you can distribute the end product on YouTube and social media with one license.
Here are the exact terms from Envato’s FAQ:

My end product will be distributed via multiple mediums. Do I need one license for each medium?

No. As long as it’s all the same end product, you can distribute it via different mediums without having to purchase new licenses.

Considering it’s a different interview, hence a different End Product you need a different license.

Please feel free to ask for clarifications or check this page: