End Product for YouTube

Hey Guys,

I’m looking to purchase a $56 video title pack from Envato and had a quick question about the end product.

I would use the title files from the pack to put a title on my YouTube videos.

Since I will make new videos hopefully on a weekly basis, this does not mean I need to purchase the pack again correct?

I was unsure if the end product meant only one Youtube Video only.

I can’t imagine buying a pack with hundreds of titles for $56 each time I make a new video.

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps clarify.

End Product is your YouTube channel. You can use everything you have done using the pack in each of your videos. 52 times a year. Year begins with the publication of the first video. If you want to use it for 2 YouTube channel, you should buy the pack one more time. More details can be found here


If the end product is indeed the Youtube channel (in which case, it’s completely different from how it works with music, for which the end product is indeed a single video), why would there be a 52 time a year limitation? You are talking about the series policy here, which under certain circumstances, allows you to use a single license in more than one end product.