Is there a way to wiggle a mask form?

I am trying to find a way to randomise the mask to a certain point. So it would not be totaly randomised but all those vertex points would be wiggling by a certain numer and frequency. We all know there are no possibility to apply wiggle on Alt clicked Mask Path… but is there any other way?

I have tried wiggling the mask expansion, it works but the mask just changes in size. The only closest way I have found is by using few masks overlaping one another with wiggle applied to expansion. It quite suits me but… is there a real possible way to wiggle a mask ?

not really. you could distort the mask in various wigglicious ways. i’d recommend a dispacement map with an animated fractal noise (precomped) as the displacement layer… blurred for a softer “wiggle”

Good point Felt. But at this time I need to use a mask… I have found some realy awesome way how to make very organic fluid by using some interesting techniques :slight_smile: I just need that mask to wiggle like a piggy tail :smiley:

Try creating the mask, precomp it, and play with the Wave Warp effect to get the “wagging” effect you’re looking for.

Is it perhaps something you could achieve with a shape layer instead of a mask?

You can wiggle a shape layer.

Shape layer!

Felt… did anyone ever said you are genius? :smiley: