How to wiggle only one axis ?

Hey guys and giols, I just cant find expression anywhere on internet even through gogles. So… can anyone tell me how can I wiggle only Z axis on 3d object ?

Much much thank you’s

actually there is an expressions-thread for questions liek this. But I will overlook it :wink:

you can copy paste this expression:

temp = wiggle(2,50);
x = value[0];
y = value[1];
z = temp[2];

the wiggle numbers in the brackets are examples, of course

Thank you Creattive!!!

you can also separate x,y,z position.

You can also entirely separate the wiggle part and then use it as you wish.

// wiggle the position of a layer increasingly over time up to 10 seconds
// the wiggle is uneven - there's no wiggle at all in X, a 1x wiggle in Y and a 2.5x wiggle in Z

wigglePart = wiggle(2,50) - value;
newValue = value + [0, wigglePart[1], 2.5*wigglePart[2]] * Math.min(time,10)/10;

You can also pick up the wiggle from another property. On position of Layer 2 for example:

tLyr1ScaleWiggle = thisComp.layer(1).scale.wiggle(2,50);
value + tLyr1ScaleWiggle;

By the way, Cyzer - do you want to post this in the Expressions thread? It makes sense to keep all this stuff in one place. Someone de-stickied it though.