How to make my images look like this?


Photoshop or something similar. Are you asking for a step by step guide? Might be worth checking on Youtube.

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If you want to save time you can use mocku-up - there is many similar mockups on the internet, also on envato market and envato elements.

If you want to do this by yourself and you know basic of photoshop you can use tool named “disort”. Choose your screen you want to make like this and right click on this layer, then choose form the list “transform layer” (or “transform path” if this is vector) and then choose “disort”. Now you can move each corner of your object in every direction independent.

This is as short as I can explain. :slight_smile:

Yh i know it’s on photoshop but do you know how can i search about this in youtube?
Ex, what’s the term i should look up for?
Thanks @SpaceStockFootage

Similar tutorial.