How to make that Video Effect ??



i would like to make a video with that kind of drawing effect (See exemple below)
can anyone show me how to do that, or it’s there a template on envato that i can buy ?

Exemple #1 :
Exemple #2 :

Thank You :smile:


Well, basically you have to draw over the video frame by frame. It would really help if you have good graphics tablet like wacom.


There no template to do it directly…
This is a way to recreate this type of effect quickly and easily, of course there are others …
First you need to create or import solids or drawing or sotkes…
then Use the effect “Turbulent Displace” (effrect/distort/Turbulent Displace)
Displacement :Vertical displacement
Amont :30 for exemple
size : 50 for exemple
complexity : 10 for exemple
evolution : put one key frame 0x0.0° (at time=0) and an other key frame 5x0.0° (at time =5s) for exemple
do the test for the parameters, and chose what suits you the most! :wink:

Good luck


You can also search for “hand drawn” I’m sure you’ll find something useful:✓&term=hand+drawn


maybe it will useful