Is there a way to remove images from "In Review" on the uploader?

I just realized I forgot to edit out a logo on some photos that are “In Review.” I don’t see a way to delete them so I can uploaded the edited versions. Is there a way to remove them? Or do I have to wait for them to be rejected and then submit the proper ones? @BenLeong @KingDog or anyone else that can help. :slight_smile:


Just have to wait

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If it is for Envato market then in your Dashboard where those items are showing “In Review Queue” there should be a text link to delete from the Review Queue. I am not sure but I think in Elements should have option like that. Otherwise you have to wait for the review result.

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My submissions go to both Market and Elements at the same time. I will try deleting them from the Photodune queue and see if it removes the on the Elements uploader too. Thanks!

That worked!! Thanks!!!