Envato Market vs Envato Elements

Hi guys,

Please, do we need to add items to Envato Market first, and after that, if it’s accepted, we can make them as Envato Elements or we can add them directly to Elements without going through that process?

Envato Market and Elements both need to review the item. Even when the item has been received on the market, you also have to re-upload it to Elements and wait for the results of the item review. But when you just want to upload on elements, you don’t have to upload at market first.

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Hi @Luckascode, thank you so much for your help!

Please, how can I upload the item directory to Elements? I can’t see it from my dashboard.

Thank you so much once again!

Oh, sorry. Does that mean you’re not an author on Elements yet?
You need to apply to become an author on Elements first.
Follow this link Author

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I didn’t know about that!
Thank you so much for your help! @Luckascode

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