Help to become an Envato Elements author

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My application to become an Envato Elements author was rejected last week. Unfortunately, they do not tell you why you were rejected, so I have some questions about it that I can’t find in the documentation.

Here is the first one. Does an item have to be approved for the Envato market first to apply for the Envato Elements?

These are the items that I plan to upload if you find that helpful

Any feedback or information regarding how to become an author is welcome.

I hope you have a nice day :blush:

If you want to sell WordPress or HTML template or Elementor templates - they must be first approved on Theme Forest and then you may be get access to the Elements.

So, try first to get some item approved on Theme Forest.

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Thanks for the quick response @CocoBasic !

Good to know. They haven’t replied yet, I guess it takes more time for that. I will wait for their answer and then apply again to Elements. If they reject me again I will come back with more questions :joy:


Hi @robotjuggler, here’s the criteria for joining Envato Elements.

Envato Elements Selection Criteria

To create a high-quality library for customers (or subscribers in this case) and ensure that you, our authors, best prepare for success on the platform, we have created specific quality expectations based on what we know customers are looking for and what we know sells well on Envato Elements. This includes:

  • Consistent Quality: Authors must have an exceptional level of quality across their entire portfolio displaying a very high level of skill. If there’s a mixture of quality in a portfolio then we evaluate on a case by case basis, focusing on recent work.
  • Keeping it Fresh : Authors should be actively creating and uploading new work.
    Exceptional item presentation, branding and description of items: Products must be accurately represented, with beautiful preview images and collateral. Item titles, previews & descriptions must be clear and compelling.
  • Style: Items must have a premium quality presentation, be relevant to our audience and be useful, on-trend, modern & clean.
  • Proven track record: We require a highly rated portfolio, good customer feedback and a history of playing fair on Envato Market or other similar platforms.

Nice to have:

  • Authors should have a solid portfolio (a minimum of 10 to 20 items preferred).
  • Portfolios should display a range of item types.
  • Items should display unique qualities that set them apart.

Must not have:

  • Any intellectual property or copyright issues.
  • Significant and notable negative feedback from customers.

This info is from section 4 of this page.

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Thanks for your comment @XioxGraphix the first points are very ambiguous, so it’s difficult to tell why they reject you, but the Envato Market team has been very kind and has given me a soft rejection, but with very good feedback because it was my first time submitting an item. I am pasting it here for future people applying to become authors. It applies to Template Kits:

Hello, Thank you for your first submission. Normally this item would not be approved in its current form as it does not meet our technical requirements. Because this is your first, we will be providing a very detailed review we hope is helpful in terms of improving your overall process and getting a feel for the current commercial demand on Envato Market. We’d love for you to resubmit your item based on this review and we can continue from there. Reviews on future items will look more condensed with less detailed instructions if your item is soft-rejected (which is very common) You may find the full guide to creating kits for us helpful:Elementor Template Kit Author Guide – kit-1 Our minimum technical requirements are also outlined in the author help center.

  1. Template Kits require a minimum of 10 unique page templates including a header and footer. Any blocks included in the kit should be additional and unique from the page contents (for example, alternate layouts of sections) - please do not cut up the home page and include the blocks as templates, for example.

  2. Images must be optimized. WordPress has a hard limit of 2500px per side before it forces autoscaling which will break import on most hosts. We also request images to be as small file size as possible for fast load. loseup-image-of-hands-using-and-typing-on-laptop-VKGE75YMM.jpg is 6000px wide, please edit this image in your media library to scale it to 2500px or smaller

  3. Design must be achieved in the builder. This means all composition and effects should be done in Elementor or not at all (similar to how you did on Home hero) Examples: Contact.png create this collage in the builder by overlaying images and using spacing to ensure responsive stability: Annotation on 2022-03-01 at 13-46-59.png - Droplr Photos cannot be pre-edited beyond basic adjustments including overlays, text, shapes, or graphic additions. This is to ensure photos the user replaces can maintain the design of your kit. For feather-green.png nd landscape-composition.jpg, use the border option to add a green bar on the left.

  4. All images must be jpgs unless they have transparency, in which case they must be png (SVG is not enabled by default so is not supported in Envato kits) so your icons must be converted to png

  5. Fonts must be setup using the Elementor Design system and configured on elements using global font option only (not the pencil icon). See Elementor Design System 101 – kit-1

  6. Metforms must be exported from metform as the encoded form content (not the builder block). See Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

  7. The Premium Carousel for testimonials must be set to Repeater field with the block selected. Please rename the Testimonial Block to include the kit name so it is easy to locate in the list. This block must contain the testimonial content as shown in the screenshot, not the section with the premium carousel in it. Screenshot on 2022-03-01 at 13:59:04.png - Droplr

  8. There are alignment issues in this item. Make sure sections use a consistent box width and if using left-right padding, that it is the same on all sections. This ensures content aligns to a common grid line at the widest point Annotation on 2022-03-01 at 14-04-42.png - Droplr

  9. Make sure the UI is consistent. Images and boxed elements should share styling across the kit so ensure things like drop-shadows are consistent, and border radius is consistenty at 0 Annotation on 2022-03-01 at 14-06-31.png - Droplr

  10. On export, ensure the following: - The Global Kit styles screenshot should match your item cover image. This is used to represent your kit in the Elements browser - Your cover image must display the elementor logo. See for brand guidelines. It should also show the WordPress logo. - Drag and drop the templates in the correct import order starting with Header, Footer, Testimonial Block, Home, and so on (blocks a page needs must come before the page, so metform should be before Contact)

@emmabrook6254 I hope it’s useful :wink: