Why my Elements application getting unsuccessful every time.

Hello good people,
I need your help to figuring out why my Become Author in Envato Elements getting unsuccessful each time.

Please take a loot at my profile: https://themeforest.net/user/envalab/portfolio

As you can see, I have some latest items with quality and uniqueness. Also lately one of Template Kits got approved, which was supposed to be published auto in the Elements, but in my case nothing happening. I’ve applied again for the Elements author, and they replied with unsuccessful again.

Please help me with identify the issue of becoming author in Envato Elements.

Thanks in advance.

Nobody available to say something on that issue. I would be glad if somebody reply, plz

Nobody here to say anything about this issue, please!!!

I am not sure if they are even approving new authors right now.

Just work hard, try to improve which each item and maybe they will approve you for Elements in the future.

What about Template Kit?
It’s a new category and they are publishing every Kits in the Elements except mine.

Based on this [Introducing a New Item Category - Template Kits] threat Template Kit supposed to be publish in Elements as well.

Thanks for your reply, btw.

I see, but it doesn’t mean it is guaranteed to be available on Elements. It is just a possibility which you are agreeing with by uploading such item.

I know it’s not guaranteed, but I’ve seen people’s items are available in the Elements with even only 1 or 2 items in their profile, whereas I have 39 items with some latest work including a Template Kit which is new category in Envato and still my application is getting unsuccessful.

Sometimes, it’s hard to understand, how Envato focuses on things!

I wish any Envato stuff see this and make an exception or something.

I have 5 Elementor Template Kits and all of the template kits are also available in envato Elements. It should be automatically available in envato Elements. You don’t need to apply for it. You should contact Envato support for this issue. For me after approval in themeforest a mail came to start as Envato Elements Author. In the mail there will be a link to begin. It took me to the Envato Elements dashboard. I didn’t apply for Envato Elements.

Exactly, this is what I was expecting too. But it’s been 4 days my Kit got approved, and I get no emails or anything and my kit still not available in the Elements.

Also I’ve seen kits that approved after mine are available on Elements.
I really don’t understand.

In that case get in touch with Envato Support.

Contact Envato support. They will be happy to help you :blush:

Ok, I will send a mail to support and see what they say about it. If I get a negative response, I will share here.
Thank you good people.