Applying to become author on Elements

Please, I want to apply to become an author in Elements to sell Web Templates.
Please, do I need to add a demo for each item on these inputs or link to my portfolio like Dribbble? please how can I fill those inputs?

For selling Web Templates and WordPress themes on Elements - your items must be first approved on ThemeForest and then you can add them also on the Elements.

There is no option to upload them directly on Elements without ThemeForest approval first.


Thank you so much for your reply @CocoBasic
But I have heard that you can only apply to Elements and add Non-exclusive products there, is that not true?

True for Graphic authors/items (and probably for some others kind of items) - but if you want to sell Web Templates (HTML/React templates) and/or WP themes - it must be approved on ThemeForest first (you will need ID for those items to include them on Elements).

ID you will get once they are approved on ThemeForest.


I didn’t know about that, thank you so much @CocoBasic !!!