Is SoundCloud Pro Worth It?

Would love to hear your experience on whether or not you believe a SoundCloud paid membership is worth it for composers like us. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Phil,

I have a SoundCloud paid membership and I have been getting a fair amount of plays and large amounts of downloads per week. I justify the $8 per month by recouping this from AdRev. I hope that it brings some traffic to my portfolio and judging by my flagcounter tracking, USA by far dominates my stats. Does SoundCloud work…I would like to think so if only to generate some sort of interest in my stuff.

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I definitely think it is, I have been approached by publishers this way and also have used it to link to my music. I do not allow downloads of my music on my account.

I haven’t made the crossover to SoundCloud Pro, although I do get a good amount of plays on my tracks. Don’t know how much that is converting into sales. Also, the amount of views on SC might also be due to my YouTube presence, but I could be wrong.

I don’t think the Pro option would boost your visibility in general, but if you needed the extra upload time, and the ability to pin tracks/playlists, I’d say it’s worth it.

As pro user I have more upload time and you can check the stats more deeper ( as pro user still restricted)
I recognized more referals on audiojungle coming from soundcloud by adding to the soundcloud song “Free Download / Buy” instead of Purchase License. You also able to select 5 uploads being placed to the top of your profile.

In addition I have checked out many Repost services (Free or Pay) (Most just for electronic genres)
with the help of a payed repost service I generated 11.000 Plays. One song were linked to AudioJungle wich had 7,500 playes. Sadly I had no sales coming from soundcloud.

Better experience I have made by using the Live chat on Youtube Live Streams . You can reach many 1000 s people within a view seconds. But u must type smart for not being blocked for spam.

Hope I could help you out. :slight_smile:

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Definitely. More upload time and much detailed stats make sense for upgrading.

I haven’t upgraded, though I maxed out my upload time a long time ago. I’m sure it may be worth it for some. But, Soundcloud has been struggling with their business plan, and their future is not certain, so I don’t feel comfortable “investing” on this service. And (much) more importantly… they want us to pay so we can provide content to their site?!! uh… no thanks!


Based on everything I can find, Soundcloud isn’t likely to be around much longer. An article earlier this month in Digital Music News predicted that they will go bankrupt and that has been an on-going prediction for about a year from multiple sources.

Disclaimer upfront: I didn’t get paid from SC :wink: I’m just a regular guy like everyone else.

I’ve received a free Pro membership from Soundcloud for the duration of 4+ years (thanks again @ Soundcloud!) and must say, it was very helpful. Not only do I not have to delete old tracks all the time as I would run out of “webspace”, but also did I learn a lot of statistics. Where did those plays come from, which countries dig my music the most, which websites and blog posts lead traffic to me, and so on. Even if I haven’t received it for free, I would have gone pro. Why? Because I simply have already so much music, that it would be a bit crazy to only show about 10-15 tracks of them on my own Soundcloud.

However what I would recommend is starting out with the smaller plan they offer, if you are “new” and also only if there is reasonable fanbase that is worth researching in. There is not much sense if there are 50 followers on your Soundcloud page and you only have 4 tracks uploaded so far. :wink: Going for a paid Soundcloud account at that point would only be senseless expenses.

And also (sorry @ Soundcloud, but it’s true!): I agree with the other comments. Soundcloud’s algorythm updates and “new” dashboard lead to the situation that the average usage per user decreased over the years. Their front page only promoting what is already popular and not what is currently trending to the top, is also not so clever. In addition discontinuing features that were the major sign-up reasons for many users didn’t help the situation either… example given: Groups, or more deeply missed: the dropbox. :confused:

So yeah, if at all neccessary I’d recommend starting with the low 3€/month tier. If then needed: go pro.

Positive PS though: I also use Soundcloud for another project of mine, where I create podcasts. The good thing with pro is that you host there unlimited minutes of audio, which is perfect for podcasts PLUS you can publish it from there to RSS (and in the next step therefor also to iTunes and other “stores”).

Hope I could help! :slight_smile:


Pro was okay. Worth the money? Not really. The only benefits I saw were larger upload storage limits and that you can track where your listeners are playing your songs from. You could also “spotlight” a track and bump it up to the top of your page, but honestly, it didn’t really make that much of a difference.

My main account is Pro. It’s great if you’re using it as your main space to showcase your work, instead of a website for example. But that’s about it. The track spotlight, the plus of minutes that you get and the fact that it looks more professional are the key points why I chose to go Pro. If you don’t use Soundcloud as your main presence or have just a couple of tracks which you like to upload, then it’s not worth it IMO.