Is offline documentation still a requirement for a Codecanyon product

Hi everyone,

It’s been 3 years since I last had a product in Codecanyon. Just checking if offline documentation (i.e. including a documentation folder) in the download zip is still a requirement, or can I just provide a link to the online documentation?


for codecanyon offline documentation required. Also you can add online docuemntation link in product description and offline documetation.

What solution are you using for creating the static offline documentation. It seems very old school to still require offline documentation

in this case this can be a solution create a docuemntation folder and in that folder in index.html write a link to your online docuemntation. but better to include the same online documentation in to the purchased download zip.

Hi @NextLoop ,
if you are having good documentation in online version then you can do thing of including documentation in pdf format in source files with documentation folder. just mention installation instruction in that give link to online detail documentation for further help.
i seen this method use in some item and also i do use same just i do use pdf no online documentation.