Online vs Offline Documentation


I am currently creating a PHP script and I want to provide a fair bit of documentation with it to cover all aspects for customisation etc. However I am not sure wheter I should create all my documentation in web form and store it online or should I provide an offline word document? I like the idea of online as I can update it easily, things can be searched for etc, but if I opted for that, what do I say in the documentation included with the script? “Go here for docs -> website”?

Any replies would be greatly appreciated!


As far as I know, offline documentation is mandatory as for now. Lately, what I do, is to compose an online doc online at and just before submitting my item I download it’s PDF version from this site and zip it with the item bundle.

Ah okay thats perfect! Probably best to have offline documentation, your right! Would it be necessary to have online documentation too?

No, online documentation is completely optional.

Perfect thank you for your help :grinning:

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