Offline documentation

It is mandatory to include offline documentation for a Wordpress theme? I provide online documentation

Yes offline documentation is mandatory
Online documentation isn’t.
You can read this article about theme forest quality standard.


In this case you can at least include a documentation folder and there include a index.html and in that html write something about the item and documentation and provide the online documentation link. But definitely better to include a offline documentation full version.


Documentation Requirements

Themes must have documentation available online that is publicly accessible, that is, not behind a purchase key gate. It is no longer required to include documentation in the main zip file.

link :

Thanks For Your Reply. It’s Really Appreciated.

Any One Can Explain This ?


For online documentation as I have said:
include a documentation folder in main zip and provide the online documentation link.
Also you have to mention online documentation link in the theme details/Description mean theme page. So that interested customer can get access easily.