Is It realy important to write offline docs for html template and whats other requirements?

I know themeforest require validated code formate for html template.
and what other requirements needed to submit my html template on themeforest.
In wordpress they require theme unit test, escaping etc…
and is documentation also important for submission and what other requirements they needed to submit for review.
thanks advanced.

Documentation doesn’t need to be offline - it can be a html file but without documentation your item probably won’t get reviewed at all.

You will also need a working demo version link

thanks (charlie4282) and would you please provide me a document style dummy as reference.

thanks charli4282 i want a free html template approved by themeforest with all files includes in download file.
if you have anyone please provide me for better help.I shall be thankful to you if you provide me.

Distributing files without them being purchased is not allowed. If you need one then you will need to buy one of use the monthly free items (bottom of home page).

Be very careful not to be “overly inspired” by other people’s designs or code.

As long as you know how to write decent code and design then often evaluating it agains other items actually causes more confusion as how they approach and set things up may not necessarily work for other items

thanks charlir4282