Offline documentation not required anymore?

I’ve noticed that many WP themes from ThemeForest do not have an offline documentation into the package, instead they just link to an online documentation. While an online documentation makes complete sense and it’s much easier to manage, I do not recall seeing any announcement specifying that an offline documentation is not required anymore. Have I missed something ? Can we just provide a link to an online documentation into our packages ?

Yes please, need to know as well.

Offline documentation is required. Please report these items to Envato Support.


Well, than, some of the best selling items should be reported? :slight_smile:

Just like @jayc said, some of the popular themes on themeforest do not have an offline documentation.

Hm :smiley: beneficial for Power Elite Authors?

So I’m not going insane. I’ve been trying to hunt down Edge-Themes “Hudson” documentation.

Where would they typically be? Oddly enough: in the right panel where the theme’s properties are laid out, next to ‘Documentation’ is a hyperlink that says “well documented”. When you click that, it takes you to a search results page for ‘well documented’.


The documentation should already be in the purchased package. But if it is not there, I would recommend to contact the theme’s author directly for where to find the doc.

Personally i think that online documentation is a good idea, because authors can always keep it up-to-date.

Is offline documentation still required in 2016 ? :grinning: