Is my 19th century composition commercially viable?

here is a romantic tune based on emotional love experience. Certainly it is a bit, actually a lot, old-fashioned, but that is how I am:

Thanks for listening and for your recommendation. Just wonder, if there is a time limit on submitted tracks why is this not clearly stated? I mean, who listens to 3 minute classical tracks?

The thing is, this site is not about music for listening. It’s about production audio tracks that are preferably generic, easy to cut and and can be used in many contexts. Less art, more craft. Try to approach it from that angle.

I love your style… I think your track can be splitted in some parts, and they can be useful by themselves for some productions, as a background.
Maybe you can send versions, the long version and the separated ones.
Maybe I would take some care of the strings, it sounds to me kinda synthetic and unnatural… but it’s just my opinion.
Greetings and congratulations for your great talent, you have done a great job!

I’m no musician, but I was thinking this as well. The piano sounds really natural, like you had some microphones set up on an old skool piano… and then the strings sound really unnatural, like some kind of synth action.

yes, I agree, but at last, I think it’s a matter of styles, aesthetics and composer preferences, because the synth strings were very usual in 80’s…
The piano sounds really nice. I would like to take off some reverb, I like the clean sounding of the pianos, because this gives protagonism to them.
Again, it’s just a matter of author preferences. :smiley:

Kannonh, SpaceStock: Thanks for your comments which I think are relevant. I have three strings: violin, viola and cello and I believe the problem is the viola. I am working on that at the moment.

Best regards

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