Will it or Won't it?!

Hey everyone, hope you’re all well!
this is my latest track, would this pass for submission, or does it need more work (i haven’t mixed / mastered it yet, or added any proper fx, so it’s just a rough demo)

Thanks guys…

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Track mood and idea is well ) All you need is to mix it well and I think it will be fine. (and creat logical ending of track: by delays or play another ending). Good luck!

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@LuckyBlackCat Thanks dude, as always, i appreciate your advice, thanks man! :slight_smile:

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Hi There.

This was very typical audiojungle material 4/5 years ago. But since then, authors have upped their game.

For example - the strings - 5 years ago, authors would use standard Logic audio stock strings - or even GM instruments… (uh-oh!)

Nowadays, with huge quality sample libriers like Sable Strings, Hollywood Strings and East/West, there is opportunity to create super-realistic strings with dynamic range, clarity and difference between Cello/viola, et cetera.

The piano is all at the same dynamic level - would like to hear softer gentler notes vs harder more expressive nottes - and damper pedals- simulating how a real pianist plays. And the brass could benefit with a truer more realistic brass library. (lovely brass crescendo swells with texture. (See Cinesamples Brass).

Try some beautiful oboe in the middle section.

But part from that, the composition is fine and quite nice. Submit it and sewe how it goes.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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@Inoxide Thanks for the comment, i really appreciate your feedback, however, i always use quality samples which include Cinestrings and ProjectSam libraries, (this was done using the latter) surely these samples should be good enough? they cost enough! ha! :slight_smile:

A lot of people have quality sample string libraries… but play them just as if they are playing a keyboard which lacks authenticity.

just having Cinestrings and holding down a CMaj chord on the keyboard doesn’t really cut it.

Anyway. great stuff.

Very good !!!))) I like it !))) watch balance )))

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@WildLion_Production Thanks dude! :slight_smile:

@Inoxide thanks dude! :+1:t2:

I like the idea and what you have so far. Hard to tell though what the reviewers would do till you’ve got it mixed and mastered.