Is this composition one of commercial quality?

Hello, I’ve been working hard on a new production (corporate motivational). Before submitting it, could you tell me if there is something I should improve in it? :slight_smile:

Hello @ddjangozov I really do not want to discourage you, but I am 100% sure that this track will be rejected. The composition is, on the one hand, not commercial enough. The piano has consistently full impact strength, the strings sound extremely artificial, are much too loud. The transition at 0:53 to the bridge sounds out of round … The Pianopart is not so bad. Maybe you are building on it! Can I ask you what sound libraries you use? Because I believe with these it is difficult to get a good sound result.

Hello @FOXYAudio, thanks for the ideas. What is the reason for the composition not being commercial enough - I actually browsed through a lot of piano tracks and concluded I should use a generic arpeggio, instead of a diverse and pretty melody, which I tried to do for the viola part. Should I also remove the melody? The transition happens at the 51 second.
The piano velocity is diverse and on the lower part of the velocity impact, I don’t know why you perceive it like this.

I use sf2 (soundfont) files I have bought, because of particular limitations it is impossible for me to use any other format. One of them is Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra. I think the strings there (block chords) sound pretty live, especially given I played with the volume modulation and it changes following a pattern for each bar.

I don’t think so @ddjangozov. These sounds are not suitable to produce serious and commercial music. The Komplete 11 Bundle of NI would be a good basic sound stock for example.

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pretty decent track there,
i definitely agree with FOXYAudio on some points,
i think this track would sound way better if you use some quality sound libraries,

what you can do is to try eastwest composer cloud, it is a monthly subscription plan that allows you to try all of their libraries for just $29 per month, and when you figure out what you like then you may buy the whole library or you can just keep using the cloud, that way you will not be short on quality sounds,

here is the link:

just don’t give up and it will all be good

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I think, this is hard reject, SORRY!(((

Instruments are too straight and arrangement is little empty!

It’s only my opinion!!!)

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Thank you for the ideas!
What does it mean ‘straight instruments’? And what do you mean about the arrangement - that it needs extra riffs/percussion?

I mean, that your instruments needs more velocity!
It’s very important in classical music!
Maybe some percussion, strings, brass etc.)

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