Commercial enough?

This track got the general rejection. Is it not commercial enough? Too short?
It is a cinematic track and the sole piano track was also added.
Would like to know your opinion.


Very nice track.Very short track.Very is it NOT commercial track for AJ,maybe…

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I think you succeed to catch some tricky things to catch, a sad mood and damn that sound of France is nice. I guess too short is never an option for rejection. 1:25 is alright.
Have no idea what was wrong with it, so hard to find some rare stuff especially on stock libraries like your piece.
There is only one sad French theme there on AJ market (just checked it). Why don’t have both of them? I dunno. Also, your piece have some dark vibes, differ to another one, which is cool i’d say.
Got nothing to say more. Did you think about some other stocks? Maybe even macrostocks. Check them out, probably you’ll find some more user-friendly places with appreciation of your stuff. I’m just meaning that your music is rly cool, you need to monetize it in sufficient way which it deserved. Good luck! :wink:

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Very nice track! I think the problem is the strings and accordion sound. Those sounds in my opinion doesn’t sound authentic enough and the strings has some uneven bumps in the volume swells. I also think the name is a bit misleading, to me it sounds more like a sentimental/emotional/sad/romantic french track.

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I don’t know also why it’s rejected. That’s why I ask here. The only reason I could come up is not commercial enough for AJ. But imo the quality is fine (one of the best I made sofar). I put a lot of work in it and thought well of the French niche track.
I appreciate your nice comments very much.
And comments from others about the track are very welcome.

Hi hyperprod. Thanks for your comments.
The strings I used a lot more often here and the bandeon is one of the best (but maybe it’s a difficult instrument for commerciality, although it belongs to this kind of track). And the dynamics were adjusted to get the right emphasis in the arrangement. That’s all I can say about it ???
Of course I could change the name very easily, given the chance.

Some strings libraries have some unnatural jumps between the different dynamic layers and it can be a problem especially if the strings are played in as chords and not one melodic line at a time. The accordion sounds good most of the time, but for example at 0:10 theres a phrase that sounds a bit “synth”. Can I ask which strings and accordion samples you are using?

Yeah I know that and am carefull with that. The bandeon is from Sonar/roland and sounded the most natural. Maybe the frase you said is due to a little compression, but if that’s all …