Rejected again.

worked really hard on this one but it got rejected. categorized it as classical/cinematic.

could anyone offer any thoughts as to why it was rejected.

Personally, I think that the track sounds a bit “looped”. It has small theme changes, new instruments are emerging, but the main theme of the piano has only two chords, perhaps this creates a “looped” feeling. There is nothing wrong with the music played on 2-3 chords, there are many examples that confirm this. But for AJ it does not quite fit (as it seems to me). It was possible to compensate for the monotony of music by the rapid development of the composition, but the track sounds 4:30. It seems to me that strings sound strange, but it’s a matter of taste. Many times the topic was raised that the buyer won’t listen to the track longer than 20-30 seconds, that you need to avoid long introductions, that you need to move to the main theme as soon as possible. This is a very valuable piece of advice, but the authors for some reason don’t use it

Hi there - I did a track that contains only two chords (I really stretched my musical limit on it) but like your track tried to introduce lots of different flavours for interest. The string phrasing is out on the downbeat which maybe a reason for rejection. I would bring the phrase forward using a legato articulation to give the track a more melancholic feel. The strings at the end sound un-natural but I get where this track is going.

Hi, I like the general mood of the song, I think it could work out if you are more specific with a melody, something totally simple can be nice, something the audience can relate to, some motive, something that repeats, so far there is only this string melody that doesn’t really know where it wants to go.
And please check the lenght of the piano notes, almost everytime you change a chord, some notes are hanging into the new chord, which makes it sounds very washy. Maybe more pedal could solve the problem.
But overall nice piece, I could imagine it as a backround music for an medieval strategy game :wink:
Good luck with further uploads!

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Totally agree with this point… When I listened the (nice) piece I realized this… and I think this can be one of the main problems since this generates a strange feeling to the listener…
Also , I would like to say that you give strength to the piece so late, about 2:57… most of customers only listen some seconds , wan’t to wait so long to get the “climax”. Maybe it’s better to settle this before?
good luck

It’s simple: you didn’t have to stop in the game cello. she needs to play continuously you need to use the dynamics (volume). she attracts the attention of the permanent arrivals. It was 100% the cause of failure. remember the recommendations : the Music should not distract the viewer’s attention.

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Thank you everyone. I’m applying your suggestions to my next track. Might put it up here before submitting again.

Here is my most recent one, will submit one without the lead violin as well. Let me know what you think.

I really liked this piece! After one time listening to it, I caught myself singing it to myself. :smile:

Really nice! :slight_smile: more balanced… I really love your piano, maybe a little bit dry in my opinion, and when you achieve the strongest part in 1:24 you don’t break the main dynamics… it’s nice!