Is it worth to convert from Be Theme to the latest Divi 3.0 Theme?

Need some advice…
My current website is using Be Theme.
But I have heard some fantastic stuffs from the latest Divi 3.0 Theme and many of my friends, who previously used Be Theme, have been changing to Divi theme.
So I will like to hear more opinions before making any decision.
Appreciate for your kind sharing.


That depends on what you need to build and how you feel with the product creators.
Elegant Themes are selling for almost a decade now and Nick Roach has been on the market for a long time.
BeTheme has also a nice support and they keep pushing the theme as much as they can.
It all depends on how you fill. What I suggest is always consider a consutation that can help you make the proper decision, based on your needs.

@kostaskatsimitrou is right in that it comes down to what you are trying to create.

It’s only been out in full for 10 days so im not sure how informed your friends decisions to change can have been.

It’s by design a slightly (to be fair very impressive) concept.

You need to understand if the features can cope with what you need, if you want to pay every year for access or a much higher one off cost, if you have the design skills to make the most of the core elements in terms of making it work for your site, not look like everyone else who uses that themes site etc.

It does look like a well put together builder and it will be interesting to see how to grows.

Yup… Totally agree… That’s why I am posting this to get more opinions before making a decision.
Maybe you guys need more info from me before more sound advice can be given?

I was told the UI in Divi 3.0 is much user friendly… U get what u see in the builder module.
So it will be great especially when my websites have not fully developed yet.
As for features wise, I think both themes are about the same.
Pls correct me if I am wrong.