BeTheme or Avada? Are there any differences?

Hi there guys,

I’ve been using BeTheme for a while now and i’m very pleased with it.
Than I that Avada has alot of more downloads and I started looking at it and comparing both.
Though, I haven’t even found one pro or con for any of them, they seem close to equal.
Is there a difference at all, or have I overseen something?

Kind Regards,

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It is all about what you like and what you can use better.
Stick to a theme, learn it the best and you will be able to create web site in a day for around 500 - 600$ and not waste any of your time, going around.

Thanks for the tip!
I will just focus on one theme than.

Oh, seems like I’m doing something wrong if u make 500 bucks a day.

But somehow there must be a reason why avada has almost 10k buyers more, isn’t it?

Sheep follow the crowd. Tell me I’m wrong :slightly_smiling:

Damn, Guess you’re right :smiley:

not sure if relevant, but we just switches from Avada to BeTheme on and it is so much easier to configure and so much faster. We are really happy.

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